Why Buy From Us?

You’re driving through Monroeville with the radio on and you hear our commercials, you see our commercials all throughout the Pittsburgh area, but you still ask yourself “Why Buy at Jim Shorkey Auto Group“? The reasons are endless! Not only have we been a family run business since 1974, but to this day we have 14 family members working throughout the Jim Shorkey Auto Group. That’s three generations of Shorkeys! Five of those family members manage and direct the dealerships. If at any given time your experience is any less than satisfactory, Jim Shorkey III urges you to contact him on his personal cell phone. Where else will you find that?

“What a Great Day” is more than just a slogan for us, its the foundation of which Jim Shorkey has built this business. It is our goal to make it a great day for our customers, and everyone we come in contact with. Here at the Jim Shorkey Auto Group, the way you are treated as a life-long customer, will blow you away!

Family Owned and Operated

The Jim Shorkey Family Auto Group has been a family-run business since 1974. Today, three generations of Shorkey’s work in the business, along with numerous spouses, in-laws and significant others. That means we have a personal commitment to our customers and associates that you just don’t ?nd in a typical dealership.

Non-Commissioned Salespeople

We’re breaking the norm at the Jim Shorkey Auto Group. We aren’t the typical cigar smoking, plaid wearing, commission-based car dealership. Our salespeople are non-commissioned, meaning they are paid a salary plus a bonus based on how many cars they sell. This allows the sales people to work with you, rather than against you, in finding the best solution for all of your automotive needs.

If you still find yourself asking “Why Buy at Jim Shorkey Auto Group?” stop in for a visit today. It will be clear we are different from the rest! We put an end to “commissioned” sales people. Allowing our sales staff to work directly with their customer, rather than against them. “Why Buy at Jim Shorkey Auto Group” is an easy question to answer. Stop in today! We are located on Route 30 in North Huntingdon, PA. Give us a chance to earn your business!